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Hi, my name is Bego
beandgo in my name :)

At school, I was a bad student. But… I graduated with honours, in Psychology. I also graduated from a Master of Science, a Doctor of Science and a PhD. I kept studying and learning, with and without titles. Until today. 

I worked 20+ years in large multinational insurance companies, in operational, regional and global positions. I worked with and for start-ups. I have now my own firm.

I realise my purpose, when my story inspires someone else,  be and go

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Follow the others?
Go my own way?
Go anywhere?
Set course to life?

"It's not the strongest but the one that best adapts to change" the one that survies... said Darwin, but it is about surviving? "No wind blows in favor of a ship without direction" -Seneca. I have written two best-sellers inspired in these quotes. 


What does my dream job look like? What’s wrong with my cv?
How can I change career path?

"Doing the same things and expecting different results is insane" -Einstein said. Changing your profile brings different results and many people talk about the impact their profile change had on their careers. 


What am I really good at?
Why do I drag my feet to work?
What motivates me?

"If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be" -said Maya Angelou, and too often I encounter people that don't know what their true talents are. Disover yourself and deploy your potential. 

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 *and go... be and go

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I share my experience, my expertise, my stories in conferences, masterclasses, workshops, off-sites...
I collaborate with universities, schools, parents associations, students associations, corporations, organizations of different type...  




Sometimes to navigate through life we need some light, especially when visibility is low, when the weather conditions are adverse. I am here like a lighthouse keeper. Contact me when you need some light to go. 

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* In my blog and if you write to me, I will keep you posted on my upcoming activities, which include programs such as:

"Stairway to rock" -to learn to make days count and stop counting the days, "How to land your dream job", and much more.  Sign up to be the first one to know about the upcoming ones.

What Clients Say -

"Open your wings and fly!"

I read the story and I recognize in Pío the girl I was. The one who decided to shut up and dress up to live underwater and be accepted and loved by the cool fish, forgetting that she was a cute little bird.

MG - Reader, Pio-lover 
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