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A bit more about me..
I am Bego, 
beandgo  on my name:)

At school, I was a bad student. But… I graduated with honours, in Psychology. I also graduated from a Master of Science, a Doctor of Science and a PhD. I kept studying and learning, with and without titles. Until today. 

I worked 20+ years in large multinational insurance companies, in operational, regional and global positions. I worked with and for start-ups. I have now my own firm.

I thrive when my story inspires someone else                   


"A bird on a tree branch is not afraid that the branch will break because it trusts its own wings"

I am a strong person. And as they say, there are no strong people with an easy past. It is my case. However, I have been fortunate to have the technical knowledge, and the financial and emotional support necessary to overcome obstacles, and I want to put that knowledge, those experiences at your disposal, so that you too can be and go.

I loved psychology from the first day of class at the university. I graduated with A's despite having poor grades in school. I continued studying, in the Netherlands, at the medical school, I did a Master's degree in Health Sciences and later a PhD. I loved the experience abroad and moved to Greece with my first husband. I had to reinvent myself professionally, thoguh, and it was the beginning of my professional life in the corporate world, in the field of insurance. I had many opportunities, I learned both on the job and in various management training programs. I learned business management, and was in charge of small and large, local, regional and global teams. After 20 years, I decided to change course and use my technical training, my personal and professional experience and follow my heart, founding my own company and focuings my efforts in making a difference in mental health.


"If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together"

Personally, I have also gone through a number of challenges, going through losing my eldest sister at a young age, moving to a number of countries, reinvented myself professionally a number of times, being unhappily married, going through a traumatic divorce experience, raising my own children in far from ideal conditions, all of which become somewhat meanful when it can become learnings from me and from others, when these stories that took my sleep away, can help myself and others, recover sleep and peace of mind, and live...

What do I do?

  • I choose to live up to my values

  • I took my life off auto-pilot-mode and picked-up living

  • I choose my travel companions

  • I share my experiences and learnings

  • I collect "Carpe Diem moments"

I live to beandgo

This is what I am today!

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Questions, comments, appointments...


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