Closed for vacations. Open for vacations.

We hang the "closed for vacation" sign and with it, we close the computer that has accompanied us - literally everywhere - in recent months. Sometimes at the office, sometimes at home, sometimes wherever we have chosen to set up our workstation. We close the drawer, at the office or at home, and we put in that last report we have been working on, and the year's objectives, which we might take a last look at before putting it aside again. We send that last email, that last version, we review the list of things we wanted to do before going on vacation, and we activate the "out of office". We put away the keyboard, and the mouse, and maybe even the wifi. Now it's time to disconnect.

We hang the "open for vacation" sign and with it, we open our senses. We open our eyes to see beyond the screens, beyond the window. We open our eyes to see the waves, the mountains, friends, family, books, flowers. We open our ears to hear beyond the beep or the vibration of the phone when receiving a message. We open our ears to listen to the music of festivals, concerts, chatter, street commotion, waves, birds, laughter. We open our mouths to eat more than a sandwich at full speed or a salad or something else between meetings. We open our mouths to taste our favorite dishes and move from fast food to slow food, at least for the duration of the vacations. On my list: calamari, pintxos de tortilla, a cool wine. We open our touch beyond the little F and J marks on the keyboard. We open our touch to oars, towels, tennis balls, grill tongs, mats. We open our senses in every way, common sense gives way to a sense of humor. We open our minds. We open our hearts. Doing more, much more of what we love to do most. And so, we disconnect.

Disconnect. Some do not manage to disconnect. Sometimes, we don't manage - including myself - to disconnect. Or not at all. Checking the phone on the beach, checking, sometimes on the sly, lest there be something urgent in the office, lest someone takes advantage of the summer to restructure the department and decides to do without those who "disconnect". Lest... I don't know, -don't know, we don't know-, what to fill the day with now that what occupies me, no longer occupies me? only pre-occupies me. Are we the kind of people who close for vacations and open for vacations? Are we those who open for vacations all season long? or all year long? Are we the kind of people who want no September on the calendar this year (I steal it from my cousin without permission)? Are we the ones who will drag our feet when we come back? or are we the ones who disconnect because this way we can reconnect? or are we the ones who have to look up in the dictionary what the word "vacation" means (I steal it from a friend's son, without permission).

Open the senses, open the mind, open the books, open the doors to new experiences.

Be and go.

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