Make time for you.

Having time for oneself is complicated on a daily basis. This "get some me-time", "take care of yourself" is wishful thinking, empty, if you don't make provision for it, when the agenda is full of things, things to do, things to do with others, for others. Shall we check? What's on your agenda? In mine, virtual and face-to-face meetings, reminders of birthdays, arrangements, to pick something up, the gym, medical appointments, hairdresser appointments....

What about you? Is there anytime for you? Reserve a slot in your agenda for you.

Which slot would you reserve? A slot several weeks from now? A slot today? How long will it last? Like a break at work? Or more like one of those meetings? Or even longer? Will it be recurring or sporadic? Planned or spontaneous? Will it be on the go or in the car? Will it be in your favorite restaurant? Or in the park? Will it be with a coffee? With a beer or a glass of wine? Which one? Will it be with food? With which one? Will it be in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening? Will it be inside? Will it be outdoors? Will you turn off your phone or leave it on the table in case someone more important than yourself calls you, texts you? Will you be late or on time? Will you reschedule or even cancel if something else comes up?

Make yourself comfortable. Make yourself at ease. Choose a good slot, the best one. Stay with yourself. Be with yourself. Be, and go.



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