The 10th of October is Mental Health Day. It

is a day to 👍 👍 thumbs up for those moments, and for those of us, that despite the curves, the weather conditions, keep going. 🙌

#worldmentalhealthday2022 is an opportunity to recognize that sometimes, some of us, travel life’s road in a different way, taking some loops, trying to stay “on track”, with more or less success, with more or less effort, for longer or shorter parts of the road.

#mentalhealth matters.

#mentalhealthsupport is important because in some parts of the road, or far away from the highway, the street lights do not reach. And then is when the strength of our own light and the light of those traveling along with us becomes especially relevant. Along the road there are tunnels too.

Thumbs up for those that walk along, on and off road. “If you want to travel fast, go alone. If you want to travel far, go together”.

Thumbs up for the #mentalhealth boosters: the music, the light, the hugs, the friends, the family, nature, physical activity, healthy nutrition, good night sleep, disconnect from technology, connect to people, the small things that make a big difference…

Take care of your mental health everyday.

Remember you can also be the light in someone else’s road.

Never forget that life is a journey!


Be and go,


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