Walls or Windmills

When the winds of change blow, some people build walls, others build windmills

Change is constant. Embrace it. Life flows through us creating something powerful, positive and creative. Use it to your advantage.

The mind finds security in the “familiar”, -even when familiar is not good- thus it can create resistance to change.

Allow yourself to be aligned with the flow of life. Allow for solutions to flow through effortlessly, like the wind through the windmill.

Share this post and together we'll build a wind farm :)

Remember: windmills generate useful, positive -and renewable- energy! :)

Do you want to feel in your windmill-body the wind of change?

Find inspiration on the videos of my instagram account @bego.beandgo under "Bego inspires". Contact me if you want to try "Move for health"

Be and go!


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