Who said we do not have a switch button?

Updated: Sep 15

We don't have to be available always -always is the key word in this sentence-.

Have you tried not answering the phone when it rings (you can call back...)? Not looking at it when it vibrates (most likely when you look it won't be too late)? Why don't you switch it off and restart it right now? If you can't manage that (we both know you can, but still), try putting it on flight mode just to make sure the moment does not last too long.

- Why don't you do it now? Just for a moment.

- I promise I'll be here after that moment.

- Common. Before you realize, the moment is gone and you will see why it was important...

- I promise.

After that moment, afte that one moment, as long or as short as you chose, you are far more powerful (speaking of power... ).

Why? Because you have chosen when to be available, and when not to be available... (just as important and much easier in this case).

It was just that, just a moment.

You did it! Now you know you can. You have the power to swtich off and to switch on selectively, consciously, to be avaiable selectively. Now you can keep trying and choosing what you do in your "prime time", if you choose to be on or off, available or not.

We do have a switch button.

Would you like someone else to try this experiment?

Some people may remember that when I was an operations manager (long time ago, or so it seems) and I was responsible for a team, there were moments in the day that I sat down in my "visitor's chair". That chair at the other side of my desk, -it was not open space at the time, nor a home office-. That chair where people I was having meetings with or who wanted to discuss an issue would use. My message to the team was clear: I am not available right now. They knew, I would go back to my "normal" position and be on, totally on, open, open for their questions and their fire-fighting questions.

Let's be and go,





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